Delinquent Design

I'm Moving to Some Fancy New Digs

I've given it some thought and I have decided that perhaps the name "Delinquent Design" doesn't portray the sort of professional attitude I was to bring to my web design venture. I could have just as well named my business Inept Industries or maybe Clueless Corp. Right....a bit short sighted.

So I've decided to move on to some new digs. I'm currently hanging my hat over at Rocky Run Design. Please stop by and if you are so moved, become a follower. I know that most of you already have new favicons, but I'll be offering more free goodies in the weeks to come. You won't want to miss them!!

Free Favicons for Everyone

Hello and welcome to the official launch of Delinquent Designs. In honor of my new venture I am offering a FREE custom FAVICON to everyone who leaves me a comment over the next week. Just mention in the comment where your blog is and how I can send you the code and install instructions for your favicon. If you have something special in mind please let me know, if not I will choose a central theme from your blog.

If you love your new favicon please consider some further enhancements to your blog.

What is a favicon you ask. It is that little tiny picture next to your blog address. A custom favicon is a great way to stand out on bookmark lists and blogrolls!


This groovin' new background comes with not one, but two matching headers...ENJOY!  Just like always, pop the code below into an HTML widget and background!!!!


I'm loving the Spring-like weather here, and I just can't stop designing around it.

Like before...just paste the code into an html gadget and you too can get sprung for spring.  (I can't believe I wrote that.)

Header - edit it to meet your needs or drop me a line and I'll fix it up for ya.

Daisy Template

This fun new background and header combination can easily be added to the minima template.  Just paste the code below into an HTML widget.  Then, download and edit the header to put your blog title in.  Finally use your edited header to replace the current header.  Having trouble?  Send me an email and I'll be happy to help!


Get the matching header here.

Universal Template

Here is another new template.  This one is a little more complicated that the Floralia due to the navigation graphic at the top.  If you like it, and would like to try it our on your blog, let me know.  I can customize and install it for you.  All I ask is that you give me credit on your blog.


Floralia Template

This template is completely blogger friendly.  Download it from here and copy and paste it into the edit HTML frame.  Your blog name and all of your widgets will remain.  You are free to download this, just please let me know and please give me credit on your blog!  Thanks